User Access Guide

Edited November 13, 2023

    This functionality allows you to create unique accounts for each member of your team, for maximum operational efficiency and security. You will be able to share your tasks among your employees, grant access to specific tools or tasks, and track team members’ activity by viewing their tasks and budgeting your plan limits. This functionality also allows you to grant guests access to specific tasks or tools with a “view” option.

    Adding a new user

    To add a new user, go to the Users page by selecting “Users” in the top menu of the website.

    Once you have done this, click on the “Create user” button.

    Step 1

    The first step in creating a user is to specify:

    First name

    Last name 


    E-mail address 


    Notification settings

    Allowed IPs

    You can also send an email notification to the user when the account is created. To do this, you must tick the box next to the email address field.

    Step 2

    User type

    On the second step, you need to select the account type for the user.

    Guest – can view tasks and download reports but cannot create, edit or update tasks.

    Specialist – can create, edit, and update tasks. The Specialist accounts you create will use your subscription credits for creating and updating tasks. If you run out of subscriptions or subscription credits, updating or creating tasks on sub-accounts will be disabled.

    Manager – automatically gives access to all tasks and all tools, as well as the user with this role can see the tasks of other subaccounts.

    For the “Specialist” account type, you can select a limit on the number of credits available to the user. The user will not be able to spend more credits than the number of credits you have specified. All the credits they spend will be charged from your balance. If you do not set a credit limit, all credits available on your subscription will be available to the user.

    Access to tools

    This option allows you to grant access to tools. Check the boxes of the tools you want to grant access to, and the user you created will be able to use these tools.

    Access to tasks

    This option allows you to give the user access to tasks already created. Select the tool and the task and press “Add” to grant access.

    For “Guest” users, you must grant access to at least 1 task.

    After you have filled in all the fields, click on the “Save” button. A pop-up window will open with the information about the created account. You can then click on the “Save” button and the user will be created.

    To get access automatically to all tasks and to all tools you need, at the stage of distributing accesses, to select the role “Manager”, tick the required tools and click “Save access” without selecting anything here :

    Editing users

    You can edit users’ details:

    First name

    Last name



    Type of account

    Credit limit

    Tool access

    Access to tasks

    You can also delete a user and their tasks, or delete them and transfer all their tasks to your account. You can do this by selecting one of the two options when deleting a user:

    User statistics

    User statistics tab

    To view user statistics, you need to click on their name in the user listing.

    In the user statistics, you can see the account type, user budget, creation date and remaining credits.

    Events history tab

    This tab contains the user’s event history and the cost of each event in credits.

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