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Automatic cleaning of Negative keywords. 

  • Take advantage of ready-made lists of negative keywords by subject: remove queries with “free”, with toponyms and more.
  • Create your own list of negative keywords and reuse them in tasks – save your time cleaning up “garbage” in semantics.

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Roman Danaev Roman Danaev

After using Rush Analytics for a couple of months I can say it’s one of the best trackers on the market. It can check keywords positions very fast, even for 100k+ keywords. Great tool for your SEO needs.

Roman Danaev

CEO Healthplan
5,0 /5
Vadim Dolmenidis Vadim Dolmenidis

Rush Analytics is the most important SEO tool I use.
I like the rank tracker and the content optimizer the most, they provide me with real data that helps me catch up and overtake my competitors.

Vadim Dolmenidis

CEO Aktis Group
5,0 /5

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Volume checker FAQ

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What is a Keyword Search Volume Checker?

A keyword search volume checker is a valuable asset for any business that needs to stay on top of its search engine optimization efforts. This tool will provide you with a clear understanding of everything related to keywords associated with your website. 

A keyword volume checker is a robust tool that can be of great help to businesses, SEO specialists and agencies, marketers, and more. Some use cases are described below:

  1. The collected information can be used to gauge the potential reach of a marketing campaign and to make sure that the keywords targeted are being searched for by enough people to justify the investment.
  2. Our keyword tool can also be implemented to monitor changes in search volume over time, which can be helpful in detecting trends and understanding how consumer behavior is changing.
  3. A keyword search volume checker helps SEO specialists check their clients’ sites and meet their needs more efficiently.
  4. Keyword research is essential before buying a domain. This will help you get a deeper insight into how popular the term you are interested in is. If the keyword search volume is low, it may be difficult to get traffic to your website. Conversely, if the keyword search volume is high, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to drive traffic and stand out in the Google search results.
  5. If some of your competitors have used black hat SEO techniques, our keyword search volume checker can be an effective tool to find all the incoming spammy anchors.

Use the Search Volume Tool by Rush Analytics 

The keyword search volume checker by Rush Analytics is one of the leading tools on the market. Keyword research can be a cumbersome and tedious process, however, our solution will help you improve your SEO strategy quickly and easily. When you opt for Rush Analytics’ keyword volume checker you will be able to take advantage of:

  1. High speed. Our tool quickly and accurately scans large databases of keywords in order to find the information you are looking for. It can process a search volume of thousands of keywords per hour.
  2. Exact values of keyword volume. Rush Analytics provides its users with the exact search volume of Google’s Keyword Planner, thereby helping them make sound decisions when it comes to their marketing campaigns.
  3. Data collection down to the city. This is valuable information for businesses that want to optimize their website for a specific location.
  4. Comprehensive reports. As a result of the keyword volume check, you will receive a detailed report with plenty of useful information necessary to power your SEO strategy.

How to Use Our Tool for Keyword Volume Research

Our advanced tool will provide you with accurate search volume data for particular keywords and phrases based on Google AdWords. Rush Analytics’ keyword search volume checker is fast and easy: all you need to do is just set your keywords. You won’t have to wait for the results from Google Adwords!

Let’s have a look at the 5 steps you need to follow:

  1. Step 1. Go to the “Tools” section, find the “Search volume checker” tab, and click “Create a new task”.
  1. Step 2. Give a name to your task and select a preferred country, region, and language.
  1. Step 3. Proceed to the tab with the task settings. Since the default setting here is Search Volume, you can go straight to the next step.
  2. Step 4. It’s time to upload your keywords. You can simply enter them manually in the list or upload a file in .xls or .xlsx format. At this stage, you can also add negative keywords. This functionality will help you save your budget and eliminate the issue of manually cleaning the semantic core.
  1. Step 5. Click on “Create a new task”. You can download your comprehensive report with search results as soon as it is completed.


How do I search Google for volume?

The first step is to access keyword tools such as Rush Analytics. These services will help you identify the most popular keywords related to your topic, as well as their search volume and competition level. Once you have chosen relevant keywords for your niche, you can simply enter them into the keyword volume checker along with other information relevant to your query.

What is search volume?

Search volume indicates how frequently a specific keyword is searched for on search engines like Google. In online marketing, understanding search volumes is crucial when creating effective SEO content that will attract users and engage them with targeted keywords. High search volume keyword check results indicate that there are many people potentially interested in your website, while a low search volume could mean that your page will have less exposure. 

How do you check the volume on YouTube?

Since YouTube doesn’t show the search volume and doesn’t rate queries by popularity, it’s necessary to use additional free or paid keyword search volume-checking tools. They will help you identify low- and high-volume keywords so that you can improve your video content strategy and drive more relevant traffic to your channel.