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Check the ranking of your keywords across various devices and geographic locations with our easy-to-use tool. Access real-time information and be proactive in SEO improvements for the ultimate results.

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Understand your organic Google performance

For timely SEO improvements, you need to know how the position of your keywords changes both globally and locally. This is where Google Ranking Checker by Rush Analytics comes into play. Our solution allows you to perform keyword research in bulk and get insights about their search results on various devices and different geographical locations (not just countries, but even cities). Just type in the query and receive fresh statistics every day. No more manual work – now the tracking process can be fully automated.

How to check your Google rankings

Tracking Google keyword rankings is a piece of cake with our tool:

Key features of Google Rank Checker

One Tool to Rule Them All

While an average Google keyword ranking tool offers global tracking, Rush Analytics goes deeper into details. Now you can organize keyword research and see how much traffic your website receives not just in different countries, but also in states or cities. Plus, the dashboard can be configured to show search results and target keywords metrics on different devices (desktop and mobile). Segmentation is the key to personalization and constant improvements.

Track your competitors on Google

Discover top-ranking websites for every query you add to your project. You will be able to analyze your rivals’ most popular keywords and specific sites, their ranking history, search volume statistics, and site’s position. This domain data, which has been stored since the tracker’s appearance, helps in tracking website and page dynamics, identifying top performers, and assessing keyword competitiveness. Find both well-established players and rising stars, and discover SEO oportunities to advance your website and get more traffic.

Analyze competitors’ advancement, identify trends, and provide quality content supported by in-depth keyword research. Get a competitive advantage by getting into the local pack and maintain your leadership in an ever-changing search landscape with a thorough study of the top websites in your niche.

Get historical data in one dashboard

Unlike a free Google rank checker or a Google search console, our tool features a super-comprehensive dashboard that displays the history of keyword ranking positions, exact number of query frequency, and daily dynamics for the keyword and the related URL. To make it even more convenient and comprehensive, we introduced colors and tags – now you can sort keywords in the most convenient way, and perform analysis on the fly.

Observe snippets for every keyword right inside the tool

For every tracked keyword, you can check the history of snippets. These little texts will be displayed right in the dashboard; there’s no need to open a separate tab. This is a unique feature that makes our SEO ranking checker an indispensable solution for building an all-around SEO strategy for Google search. Now, you can compare the performance of your snippets and get ideas on how to integrate keywords into a snippet and a meta description by checking what your competitors write.

See how Google search algorithm updates impact your site

It’s not enough to craft and follow a SEO strategy – you need to check ranking and track how it impacts your website’s positions in real time depending on Google’s ever-changing algorithms. Our SEO ranking checker allows you to keep tabs on how Google search updates, and see how they influence the ranking of your keywords and any particular page. No more guessing games – stay ahead of the curve and react to trends proactively to pump up your search results.

Take notes so you don’t miss anything

Make your research even more detailed and don’t miss anything with our other features – leave your own custom notes on the Google update table. This will help you analyze search volume trends, optimize backlinks, decide whether your SEO efforts are paying off, and organize strategic brainstorming together with your team to rank higher.

Not just another Google rank checker

To reap the maximum benefits out of your SEO strategy, you need to take into account as many statistics as possible. Our Google rank checker is more than just a tool for daily keywork ranking tracking – aside from real-time numbers, it provides historical data, a sneak peek into competitors’ domain performance, search volume stats, convenient grouping of keywords, and tons of other useful features.

And the cherry on top – a super-affordable subscription that gives you access to additional features in the Rush Analytics arsenal. With our rank checker, SEO is more efficient than ever before!