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Main features of the tool

Sources for keyword suggestions

  • Collect keyword ideas and find relevant keywords for your online marketing campaigns in Google and YouTube. Our tool allows finding search queries for both Google and YouTube users at the best price on the market. Perform in organic and paid search with one of the best keyword research tools!

Trending keywords

  • Gives real-time insights into currently popular keywords. This allows businesses to leverage trending topics, improving their visibility and driving relevant traffic.

Collect keyword suggestions in several clicks

  • Rush Analytics keyword suggestion tool is an incredibly helpful tool for keyword research. Gather keyword suggestions from the biggest sources – Google and YouTube – within several clicks. It makes keyword research much easier and faster, while its special data filtering technology allows refining the keyword list according to different criteria. Moreover, this keyword suggestion tool enables users to save their keyword lists for further reference into projects. Keyword research has never been easier!

The best way to optimize your keyword research campaign

  • Any search marketing campaign, organic or paid, starts with keyword research. However, when it comes to keyword research for PPC, free keyword suggestion tools tend to yield limited results and limited utility. Rush Analytics provides an easy way to locate keyword suggestions in one place to save time and reduce stress levels during keyword research. Our tool gives you hundreds of related keywords that will bring your search campaigns to a new level.

Flexible parsing settings

  • Allows users to tailor keyword suggestions to their specific needs, enhancing precision and relevance in SEO strategy formulation.

What is keyword suggestions?

Keyword suggestion is a fundamental aspect of SEO that helps find the best and new keywords relevant to your content. By using free keyword research tools like Google’s Keyword Planner, you can analyze keywords, determine competition level and keyword difficulty, and get more keyword ideas from the original or seed keyword. SEO tools also enable site audits and identifying similar keywords. The target keyword chosen influences Google Ads and paid search campaigns’ effectiveness. With a keyword finder or analysis tool, you can optimize your content and enhance your visibility online.

About Rush Analytics Keyword Research tool

Rush Analytics, a renowned SEO tool, is an innovative solution that offers various features to perfect your SEO strategy. The first of its kind, it provides a vast array of sources for keyword suggestions, similar to the Google’s Keyword Planner. By inputting a seed keyword, you can retrieve hundreds of new keywords and similar keywords related to the original keyword. This is extremely useful when compared to other free keyword research tools that offer a limited range of keyword suggestions.
The tool’s standout feature is its ability to track trending keywords, which helps keep your content fresh and engaging. Leveraging this feature enables you to identify the best keywords to target, allowing your content to maintain relevance in the face of changing search trends. This feature goes beyond what competitors in Google Ads or other paid search campaigns can offer, with its intuitive system providing more keyword ideas than ever before.
Rush Analytics’ flexible parsing settings set it apart from other keyword analysis tools. This feature allows for a detailed site audit, analysing keywords and their respective keyword difficulty. These parsing settings can be adjusted to match your specific SEO needs, providing an unmatched level of adaptability. Rush Analytics does not just help you find keywords; it’s an exceptional keyword finder, offering an unrivalled level of insight into your target keyword’s performance.

Additional features

The only search suggestions tool on the market with a built-in depth parser of search suggestions which can generate hundreds of suggested keywords
The modern market requires new technologies and approaches to solve SEO problems.
That’s why we’ve gathered all the most necessary tools in one place.

How it works

Today’s market requires new technologies and approaches to solve SEO problems.

  • Choose a search engine, region, and language

    Choose Google, Yandex or YouTube, or all search engines at once, plus target region and language

  • Select task settings

    Using simple settings, determine how many search suggestions you want to find

  • Upload keywords

    Upload your keywords and the tool will find all search suggestions

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What experts say about us

Roman Danaev Roman Danaev

After using Rush Analytics for a couple of months I can say it’s one of the best trackers on the market. It can check keywords positions very fast, even for 100k+ keywords. Great tool for your SEO needs.

Roman Danaev

CEO Healthplan
5,0 /5
Vadim Dolmenidis Vadim Dolmenidis

Rush Analytics is the most important SEO tool I use.
I like the rank tracker and the content optimizer the most, they provide me with real data that helps me catch up and overtake my competitors.

Vadim Dolmenidis

CEO Aktis Group
5,0 /5

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Free SEO tools vs Rush Analytics

Finding the right free keyword research tool to optimize your SEO strategy is vital. Google’s Keyword Planner and Rush Analytics are among the most popular and reliable tools.

Google’s Keyword Planner, an integral part of Google Ads, offers comprehensive insights into target keywords, including monthly search volume, traffic and competition (keyword difficulty). Its capability to generate new keywords based on a seed keyword is excellent. It provides more keyword ideas than most other tools and gives insights into paid search campaigns. However, it lacks a comprehensive site audit feature, essential for a rounded SEO strategy.

Rush Analytics, on the other hand, goes beyond merely being a keyword finder. It offers a keyword analysis tool that identifies similar keywords to your original keyword, which aids in expanding your keyword strategy. It also assesses keyword difficulty, providing relevant keywords, and estimates monthly search volumes. Moreover, it includes a detailed site audit feature, enabling you to understand your site’s SEO performance better. Overall, both tools provide reliable services, but the choice depends on your specific requirements.

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Keyword suggestion tool FAQ

Learn more about this tool by exploring our Frequently Asked Questions Guide ➜

What does your keyword mean?

Your keyword refers to specific words or phrases used in online content, enabling search engines to match that content to queries people are searching for. It’s crucial for SEO strategies.

What are popular keywords?

Popular keywords are those with high search volume, indicating they’re frequently searched by users. However, the exact popular keywords depend on your industry or niche.

What is the purpose of search suggestions?

The purpose of search suggestions is to assist users in refining their searches, providing a faster, more accurate search experience based on trending searches and past user behaviour.

Why do I get suggestions on Google search?

Google provides suggestions based on its understanding of real-time search results and historical data on similar searches, aiming to help users find information quickly and efficiently.

What is the best keyword strategy?

The best keyword strategy involves using the keyword magic tool and keyword manager for comprehensive keyword data and analysis. It should include selecting relevant seed keywords, performing SERP analysis, understanding monthly volume and other data.

How do I find the best keywords for Google search?

To find the best keywords for your website in Google search, utilize tools like the keyword magic tool for gathering keyword data. Analyze this data considering search volume, competition, relevance, and the given keyword’s potential to drive organic traffic. Consider using competitor analysis to refine your strategy.