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How it works

Choose dates with a copy of the site you like. Our robots go to WebArchive, download the pages of the site, remove trash from the website code, and give you the site ready to upload to hosting

  • Specify task settings

    Choose the dates you want to download the site from the Web Archive

  • Select the page snapshot

    Select the page snapshot you like and start the task

  • Get a ZIP archive with a copy of the site

    Download the archive and upload it to hosting. It’s ready!

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If you want to restore a website from the Wayback Machine, you may encounter problems when files are not downloaded in their entirety, not all of them, or with errors. In the future, when trying to upload such sites to hosting, you may encounter the fact that the site content will not look and work as it should – just because HTML files are not correct.

Our service harnesses the Wayback Machine’s internet archive to allow users to recover any website content efficiently and effectively. At the push of a button, you can retrieve and save an actual backup with all site files to download them to the server.

Main features of the tool

The Wayback Machine stores many copies of site pages, but many of them are corrupt or empty. We will help you get the best copies out of the Internet archive and recover a website content

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Related Features

Wayback Machine FAQ

  • How do you retrieve data from a Wayback Machine?

    The Wayback Machine tool is an invaluable solution for recovering content from the internet archive. Webarchive catalogs billions of webpages for posterity and historical record-keeping. It stores multiple copies of websites over time, so users can view what the page looked like months or years ago. This Wayback recovery tool allows marketers and website owners to access old content which cannot be found anywhere else on the internet.

  • What file types does the tool restore from the Wayback Machine?

    Our tool saves all types of files that you will need to restore a website from the internet archive server: HTML files, images, files, scripts, and other common files used in web development. It is possible to select dates for each specific page with a preview. You don’t need to manually copy the source code or any other archived content from Wayback Machine: get clean and accurate data using our service.

    To restore the site on your server, simply download the ZIP archive, browse it, and unpack via FTP to the root directory of your hosting domain.