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Main features of the SEO Audit Tool

Do the SEO audit as you like

  • Just specify the domain and our robots will find all the pages of the site and crawl it
  • Provide a link to the Sitemap.xml
  • Upload your URL list

Competitor Analysis

  • Check 4 competitors for free
  • Compare the technical state of your website with competitors’ sites
  • Get the most important parameters for SEO in a summary table, including Core Web Vitals parameters

Check all important site parameters

  • All standard checks: server response codes, duplicates of meta tags, and problems with robots.txt
  • Analyze in detail all the parameters that affect the speed of the site.
  • Automatically show the site’s backlink authority and much more

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The main parameters that we check

In our audit, you will find an overview of the parameters that are really important for SEO, without hundreds of pages of useless information

  • Security

    Check correct HTTPS settings and SSL certificate validity

  • Load speed

    All important speed performance parameters in one dashboard: LCP, FID, CLS

  • Server response codes

    The server response code report will help you find links to 404 errors and erroneous redirects

  • Meta tag duplicates

    We will show duplicates of Title, Description and H1 headings

  • Missing meta tags

    Find missing Title, Description, and H1 headers

  • Redirects

    Check and show redirects

Advantages of our SEO audit tool

A comprehensive SEO audit available to everyone

Rush Analytics SEO Audit tool is designed to help website owners, marketers, and SEO specialists to analyze their websites and identify areas of improvement to boost their website’s performance. Here are the key features of this tool:

  • Parameters checked

    Our website audit tool checks various aspects of a site, including website structure, technical SEO issues, mobile responsiveness, page loading speed, website security, on-page SEO issues, and more. The tool analyzes every aspect of your website, ensuring that your website is optimized for search engines, mobile devices, and users.
  • Website audit results

    Comprehensive report that highlights all the SEO metrics of the entire site identified during the analysis. The report includes a detailed summary of the problems found, their severity, and recommendations on how to fix them. Additionally, the report includes a breakdown of each area of the website and recommendations on how to improve it to get better in search engine results. The report is designed to be easy to understand and actionable for website owners, marketers, and SEO specialists.

  • Suitable for everyone

    The Website Audit tool is suitable for all site owners, SEO specialists, and marketers, regardless of their level of expertise. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, you can use this tool to identify and fix issues with your website.

  • Easy to implement recommendations

    The Site Audit tool provides clear recommendations on what steps to take to improve your site’s health. This includes:

    • fixing technical issues,
    • scanning and indexing errors,
    • improving page load speed,
    • information about internal links on the site,
    • and more.

    The website audit recommendations are provided in a user-friendly format, making it easy for website owners and marketers to understand and implement the changes required to boost their website’s productivity.

  • Compare your website metrics with competitors’

    Rush Analytics Site Audit tool allows you to analyze the metrics and technical issues of your competitors’ websites to understand their online performance and identify areas where you can improve.

    Use our audit tool to analyze your competitor’s web page speed metrics to see how quickly their website loads and identify areas where you can improve your website’s loading speed.

    Check your competitor’s website’s mobile responsiveness metrics to understand how well their website adapts to mobile devices and identify areas where you can improve your website’s mobile responsiveness.

    Conduct a site audit to compare your website’s metrics to your competitor’s metrics to understand where you stand and identify areas where you need to improve to rank high by search engines.

What experts say about us

Roman Danaev Roman Danaev

After using Rush Analytics for a couple of months I can say it’s one of the best trackers on the market. It can check keywords positions very fast, even for 100k+ keywords. Great tool for your SEO needs.

Roman Danaev

CEO Healthplan
5,0 /5
Vadim Dolmenidis Vadim Dolmenidis

Rush Analytics is the most important SEO tool I use.
I like the rank tracker and the content optimizer the most, they provide me with real data that helps me catch up and overtake my competitors.

Vadim Dolmenidis

CEO Aktis Group
5,0 /5

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Site audit tool FAQ

Learn more about website audit tool by exploring our Frequently Asked Questions Guide ➜

  • Why should I do a website audit?

    Website audits identify SEO issues affecting your SERP rankings. Conducting audits improves your website’s visibility and performance. Website audits identify SEO issues affecting your SERP rankings. Conducting audits improves your website’s visibility and performance.

  • How to do a technical site audit?

    A technical site audit involves using a website crawler to inspect website elements influencing search engine optimization (SEO). The process includes evaluating meta tags, URL structure, site speed, and other technical factors.

  • How long does it take?

    Depending on the website size and complexity, a site audit can take several days. Rush Analytics website audit tool lowers this period to a few minutes.

  • Is there a free SEO audit tool?

    Certainly, many free SEO audit tools exist that can help you optimize your website. For instance, the Google Search Console is an effective website crawler offering a detailed analysis report for search engine optimization. It helps understand how Google views your website and optimize its presence on the search engine results page.

    Rush Analytics SEO audit tool offer 7 days free trial period. This is enough time to evaluate all the benefits of the service and decide to purchase or not.