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Main features

Conduct SEO audits with absolute freedom!

  • Input your domain, and let our sophisticated robots seamlessly navigate through every corner of your website, ensuring no page is left without attention.
  • Share a link to your Sitemap.xml
  • Feel free to upload a list of your specific URLs.

Compare your website with competitors

  • Evaluate and compare your website against four of your main competitors at no cost.
  • Examine the technical details of your site alongside those of your competitors.
  • Receive a concise summary table, presenting all the vital SEO parameters, including the Core Web Vitals, for easy and quick reference.

Evaluate Key Website Metrics

  • A comprehensive review covering all essential aspects: issues with robots.txt, meta tags check, and server response codes.
  • Examine the factors influencing website performance speed.
  • Dive deeper into the backlink authority, etc.

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Key Metrics We Check

Our SEO audit tool provides a concise and targeted summary of the most critical SEO parameters. Forget about sifting through all the pages of irrelevant data.

  • Security

    Validate HTTPS Configurations and SSL Certificate Status.

  • Page Load Performance

    Aggregate Essential Speed Metrics in One Interface, covering LCP, FID, and CLS.

  • Server Response Analysis

    Explore and resolve 404 Errors and incorrect redirects with the server response code report.

  • Meta Tag Redundancy

    Detect and highlight repetitions in Title Tags, Descriptions, and H1 Headings.

  • Missing Meta Tags Audit

    Identify and locate absent Title Tags, Descriptions, and H1 Headers.

  • Redirects Oversight

    Inspect and showcase active redirects.

Benefits of our SEO audit tool

In-Depth SEO Audit Accessible to All

The SEO Audit tool from Rush Analytics is crafted to assist site administrators, digital marketing professionals, and SEO experts in examining their websites, pinpointing potential pitfalls, and improving their site’s functionality. Below is an overview of the main functionalities of our SEO audit instrument:

  • Metrics Evaluated

    Our website audit tool examines an array of website elements, including the site’s architecture, technical search engine optimization matters, adaptability on mobile phones, page loading speed, security protocols, on-page SEO concerns, and more. This audit tool conducts a thorough analysis of your entire website, ensuring optimization for search engines, mobile usability, and user experience. The checked metrics can be divided into the following groups:

    Technical parameters:

    • Robots.txt file
    • Sitemap .xml
    • HTTPS encryption
    • Domain registration period
    • Redirects
    • Not crawled pages
    • Not indexed pages
    • And more

    Link checks:

    • Link characteristics
    • Internal links check
    • nofollow links check
    • URLs analysis
    • And more

    Content and tags check:

    • Tags evaluation
    • Meta descriptions check
    • Heading 1 analysis
    • And more

    Website speed performance on desktop and mobile:

    •  LCP
    • FID
    • CLS
    • And more
  • SEO Audit Outcomes for Your Website

    Receive an all-inclusive report spotlighting every SEO metric across your site including an overview of discovered issues, their criticality, and an actionable guide to fix them. Furthermore, it offers a segmented analysis of different website sections, coupled with strategic recommendations to enhance your search engine score and ranking. Crafted for clarity and practicality, this report would be an invaluable tool for website owners, digital marketers, and SEO experts alike.

  • Appropriate for All User Levels

    Our website audit SEO analyzer is designed to accommodate users of all backgrounds and experience levels, ranging from site administrators and SEO specialists to marketing professionals. Irrespective of whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned expert in the field, this tool provides you with the capabilities to detect and resolve website-related issues effectively.

  • Straightforward actionable recommendations

    Our website audit tool delivers detailed guidance on the necessary measures to enhance your website’s overall performance and well-being. This encompasses:

    • providing insights into the website’s internal linking structure
    • facing technical glitches
    • Optimizing page loading times
    • And much more

    Our audit results are presented in a user-friendly manner so that both website owners and marketing professionals can effortlessly grasp and apply the needed modifications.

  • Benchmark your site against competitors

    With the Rush Analytics site audit instrument, you can easily delve into the metrics and technical intricacies of your competitors’ digital presence, gaining insights into their performance online and pinpointing opportunities for enhancement on your end.

    Leverage our audit tool to examine the webpages’ speed metrics of your competitors, discerning the speed of their site’s load times and spotlighting potential areas for accelerating your own site’s performance.

    Using our tool, check if your competitors’ sites are mobile-friendly and discover ways to improve your own site’s adaptability on mobile devices.

    Perform a comprehensive site audit to contrast your website’s metrics with those of your competitors. It will help you to shed light on your relative SEO score and spot the areas where you could enhance your website performance to get higher in the search engines ranking.

What experts say about us

Roman Danaev Roman Danaev

After using Rush Analytics for a couple of months I can say it’s one of the best trackers on the market. It can check keywords positions very fast, even for 100k+ keywords. Great tool for your SEO needs.

Roman Danaev

CEO Healthplan
5,0 /5
Vadim Dolmenidis Vadim Dolmenidis

Rush Analytics is the most important SEO tool I use.
I like the rank tracker and the content optimizer the most, they provide me with real data that helps me catch up and overtake my competitors.

Vadim Dolmenidis

CEO Aktis Group
5,0 /5
Thomas Howell Thomas Howell

Using Rush Analytics as my all-in-one SEO tool has allowed me to save a significant amount of time on previously manual tasks through workflow automation. I also really appreciate getting the daily rank change updates so I can stay on top of the latest changes.

Thomas Howell

Actuate Media
5,0 /5
Jeffrey Morgan Jeffrey Morgan

The SERP API capability in Rush Analytics has been invaluable by streamlining how I gather and analyze search engine results. By unlocking more robust data collection, it’s given me an edge over the competition by uncovering opportunities that others may have missed.

Jeffrey Morgan

5,0 /5
Charlie Woods Charlie Woods

I’ve found Rush Analytics to be unparalleled in its combination of features and capabilities in a single SEO platform, while providing 100% accurate rank tracking data that I can fully rely on. With its unmatched speed in reporting the latest search visibility metrics, it has proven to be well worth the investment.

Charlie Woods

5,0 /5
Darrell Wright Darrell Wright

As someone overseeing SEO initiatives across a portfolio of sites, the custom dashboard rollups save me hours of manual reporting each week. Rush Analytics has the PBN analysis tools I need all in one place, with the lowest pricing I’ve found to access this enterprise-level feature set.

Darrell Wright

4,8 /5
James Davis James Davis

Using Rush Analytics’ rank tracking APIs and datasets, I have been able to unlock the full potential of my SEO testing by efficiently collecting accurate and up-to-date search results. This has accelerated my analysis to make faster, data-driven decisions.

James Davis

Right Here Interactive
4,9 /5
Charles Peters Charles Peters

The array of PBN tools available via Rush Analytics in one unified solution has given me tremendous time savings. I can seamlessly bridge gaps across disjointed SEO tasks to boost productivity and stay ahead of the competition in my niche.

Charles Peters

5,0 /5
Heather Burke Heather Burke

Switching to Rush Analytics gave me the all-in-one functionality I needed as an independent consultant without breaking the bank. Now I can show my clients tangible metrics and wins, and easily demonstrate the value SEO brings to small business owners.

Heather Burke

5,0 /5
Harold Bailey Harold Bailey

As someone who is very active in building niche sites and side projects, Rush Analytics has the exact mix of PBN analysis, rank tracking, and speed I need to efficiently accelerate growth. The pricing is also well within my solo entrepreneur budget.

Harold Bailey

TopOut Group
4,8 /5
Joan Nelson Joan Nelson

Using Rush Analytics gives me the peace of mind that every important SEO task and decision is based on the most current and 100% accurate data. This allows me to implement strategies with confidence, knowing that the metrics reflect current search visibility.

Joan Nelson

Web Choice
5,0 /5
Sharon Hughes Sharon Hughes

I’ve seen better SEO results across all of my client sites after switching to Rush Analytics and leveraging its consolidated set of must-have features for today’s practitioner in a single, fast solution.

Sharon Hughes

Workhorse Marketing
4,9 /5

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SEO audit tool FAQ

Discover more about our site audit tool by navigating through our

  • Why to conduct a website audit?

    A site audit is crucial as it uncovers SEO issues that could be hindering your rankings on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Engaging in regular site audits enhances both the visibility and efficiency of your website. There are both paid and free SEO tools available on the market.

  • How to conduct a technical site audit?

    Executing a technical site audit entails the use of a website crawler to assess various components that play a significant role in SEO strategies. This procedure involves the analysis of tags, the URL structure, the site speed check, and additional technical aspects.

  • How much time do I need to do a site audit?

    The time frame for a site audit can vary, typically taking several days depending on the size and intricacy of the website and webpages. However, with the Rush Analytics site audit tool, you can inspect your website in just a matter of minutes.

  • Is there any free SEO audit tool available?

    Yes, there are numerous free SEO audit tools available to help in optimizing your website. For example, Google Analytics and Google Search Console. The latter is a proficient website crawler that provides an exhaustive analysis report beneficial for search engines optimization. It shows how Google perceives your website and how to optimize its presence on the search engine results page. Additionally, Rush Analytics offers a 7-day free SEO audit tool, giving you ample time to explore all the service benefits and make an informed decision about your purchase.