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Rush Analytics is a company that strives to create lasting relationships with each employee. We give everyone the opportunity to thrive in their work and make the most of their potential.

We live in an ever-changing world and believe in being on the crest of the wave. We are well placed to provide clients with new opportunities to grow their business and make the best decisions.

Employee reviews

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Andrei Stepanov Andrei Stepanov

Rush Analytics is a place where you can work (realize yourself) in the literal sense of the word.

Andrei Stepanov

4,7 /5
Zhanat Sarbasov Zhanat Sarbasov

It’s always pleasant to work with professionals, and it’s doubly pleasant to work with people who put a big part of their soul into their work. That’s exactly the kind of people who work at Rush Analytics, where I now work and enjoy every working day communicating with my colleagues.

Zhanat Sarbasov

Customer support manager
5,0 /5
Tatiana Nikitina Tatiana Nikitina

The Rush Analytics team is the most caring colleagues I have ever met! Working in this team, I know that I will be helped with any issue. Because of this, I do my job with pleasure.

Tatiana Nikitina

Sales Manager
5,0 /5
Lilia Zosimova Lilia Zosimova

It is really a great place to work. Everyone is friendly, smart and creative. And even though we all work remotely, from different parts of the world, I feel supported by the company and am grateful for that.

Lilia Zosimova

Project Manager
5,0 /5