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Track changes in your mobile rank at more than 150 000 locations

Effortlessly optimize your articles, blogs, and posts with our user-friendly tool. Ensure precision, meet SEO requirements, and adapt your writing to diverse platforms. Ideal for writers, SEO consultants, marketers, and students, our Word Counter promotes succinct, clear text and impactful content creation, supporting your journey towards effective communication.

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Identify Opportunities in Your Mobile SEO strategy

  • Uncover untapped keywords with high mobile search volume to expand your reach.
  • Pinpoint pages and content that are underperforming for mobile users.
  • Compare your mobile rankings to competitors to find areas you can surpass them.
  • See if you are taking full advantage of mobile SERP features like click-to-call, location services etc.
  • Discover where your brand ranks for branded and non-branded keywords on mobile.
  • Locate pages that rank well on desktop but not mobile and vice versa.
  • Benchmark your progress over time and spot ranking drops or fluctuations.
  • Access consolidated reports to communicate opportunities to stakeholders.
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Discover topic leaders

  • Analyze the SERP features being used by the top ranking sites and learn how you can incorporate them to boost your search traffic.
  • Zero in on competitors in your location or industry vertical. Our mobile SERP tracker SEO tool gives you the intel you need to benchmark competitors and uncover strategic opportunities within your niche.
  • Gain an information advantage to fuel your content and local SEO strategy.

Leverage your keyword research

Our technology helps SEO professionals conduct comprehensive keyword research. We analyze millions of Google search results to provide relevant, high-potential keywords that you can leverage in your strategy. Our mobile rank tracking tool gives you a list of semantically similar terms along with their average monthly searches and competitiveness data.

With robust filters, you can isolate specific keywords tailored to your location, language and mobile devices. Our suite of SEO tools equips you to target the right terms to boost your mobile keyword rankings and organic traffic. Stop guessing – make informed decisions instead. Let our mobile rank tracking provide the keyword intelligence to fuel your keyword rankings.

Mobile rank tracker results
Track mobile ranking for any keyword

Automate Reporting to Monitor Progress Over Time

  • Rush Analytics Mobile Rank Tracker allows you to schedule and automate customized reports to monitor your search results over time. Configure reports with rankings for desktop, mobile, location and competitors for in-depth SEO analysis.

  • Automated reports allow you to accurately track Google rankings on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Easily monitor SERP positions across devices, keywords and locations to inform your SEO. With robust automation, our mobile rank tracker empowers you to stay on top of your mobile performance and always have accurate results and up-to-date SERP data.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between mobile and desktop SERP?

    Mobile SERPs prioritize page speed, mobile-friendly design, local results and voice search. Desktop focuses more on traditional organic results.

  • How do you scrape mobile SERP data?

    We use advanced web scraping technology to gather accurate, real-time mobile SERP data at scale.

  • Can I use your mobile SERP tracker for free?

    Yes, you can try our mobile SERP tracker free for 7 days, no card required. We also offer awesome free SEO tools to discover.

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Vadim Dolmenidis Vadim Dolmenidis

Rush Analytics is the most important SEO tool I use.
I like the rank tracker and the content optimizer the most, they provide me with real data that helps me catch up and overtake my competitors.

Vadim Dolmenidis

CEO Aktis Group
5,0 /5
Roman Danaev Roman Danaev

After using Rush Analytics for a couple of months I can say it’s one of the best trackers on the market. It can check keywords positions very fast, even for 100k+ keywords. Great tool for your SEO needs.

Roman Danaev

CEO Healthplan
5,0 /5

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