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Main features of the Google index checker tool

Fast Indexation Check

  • Allows you to check the indexing of 100,000 web pages in 10 minutes
  • Cosmic speeds for both Google and Yandex search engines

Convenient page upload formats

  • Just specify a list of website URLs to check or upload an Excel file – fast and convenient
  • Don’t want to collect a list of URLs? Just provide a link to a Sitemap.xml file and we’ll get all the URLs ourselves, even if you have multiple Sitemap attachments
  • Got a big site and need to check Google index status a lot? Get real-time data via API

Any page count

  • Big site? No problem – we’ll check the Google index status of even 1,000,000 pages
  • Check Google indexing in the interface of our Google index checker tool or get the data via API in your analytics system

How the Google index checker works

Today’s market requires new technologies and approaches to solve SEO problems.

  • Add URLs to check Google indexing

    Any way you like: list, upload Excel file, or provide a link to your Sitemap.xml file

  • Choose a search engine

    We check the indexing in Google and Yandex equally fast and efficiently

  • Get a ready-to-use indexing report

    In a few minutes, you’ll get the status of each page, whether it’s indexed by Google or other search Google or not

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Roman Danaev

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Rush Analytics is the most important SEO tool I use.
I like the rank tracker and the content optimizer the most, they provide me with real data that helps me catch up and overtake my competitors.

Vadim Dolmenidis

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Index checker FAQ

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How does the Google index checker help you?

Google index plays a vital role in determining how your website appears on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). By utilizing the Google index checker tool, webmasters, website owners, and  SEO professionals can easily see which of their pages have been indexed on Google. You can use the Google indexed pages checker to:

  1. Detect any issues with your website. Google index checker helps to identify any issues that may be preventing the content from appearing in SERPs. Moreover, thanks to the detailed listing, users can see which URLs are indexed, as well as gain insights into any errors or warnings related to their site.
  2. Find out how your web pages are being indexed. The Google index checker tool will provide you with information about the status of a given web page: when it was last crawled by the Google bot, meta tags associated with it, and other important data points.
  3. Keep track of when new content gets indexed by Google. Since new pages require some time to be indexed by Google, you can easily monitor that process with the index checker tool.
  4. Monitor the backlinks structure. To improve your search engine optimization strategy, you can use the Google index checker to ensure your backlinks are placed on the indexed pages.

Check indexed pages in bulk

There are many free Google index checker tools on the market. However, they usually allow you to check a limited quantity of pages at one time, for example, 5 or 10. Rush Analytics, in contrast, is a highly scalable solution that will help you check hundreds of thousands of pages in minutes at a very competitive price – the lowest on the market. You will be able to check the index status of 100,000 pages in a matter of 10 minutes. Moreover, you can use a 7-day free trial to explore the features and capabilities of our product.

Why is it important to check whether your website pages are in the index?

Ensuring that search engines index your website pages is an essential part of web page optimization, as it allows them to be visible to potential visitors. It’s crucial to check the Google index status of your website, and here are the reasons why:

  1. Organic traffic. Making sure your web pages are indexed and understanding how the various search engines rate your content can help you improve your ranking in SERPs, which ultimately drives more organic traffic to your site.
  2. Quality of your website. Assessing the strength of your webpages’ presence on major search engines will indicate whether technical or content-related issues need to be addressed to maximize their online visibility.
  3. Improve your overall SEO performance. Making sure all of your content is up to date and properly indexed will help increase the chance that visitors find your website when they use relevant keywords. Checking Google index will also allow you to quickly get rid of anything outdated or irrelevant, leading to better results for your SEO strategy.
  4. Stay ahead of the market competition. Google index checking is a crucial step in developing an effective digital marketing strategy that bridges the gap between customers and businesses. Moreover, with your website indexed, you can withstand competitors who have all the pages on their sites indexed by Google. 

How does the Google index checker work?

Our Google index checker tool is a fast and scalable solution that allows users to see the indexing of their web pages by Google and Yandex search engines. It has an intuitive interface and is really user-friendly, so even newbies in the sphere of search engine optimization will not face any difficulties. If you decide to check the Google index status of your website, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the site indexing tool and create a new task.
  2. Choose the name of the task and the search engine that you want to index your web pages.
  3. Upload URLs for the index checker. You can add them manually or upload an Excel file.
  4. Monitor the process and download the report as soon as the check is finished.

How to interpret the results

By the end of the check, you may see in the report that some of your website pages are not indexed. Let’s have a closer look at some of the possible reasons for that:

  1. Google hasn’t crawled your page, for example, if it’s new.
  2. Your website isn’t mobile-friendly.
  3. The web pages of your site load too slowly. 
  4. Your website has minimal and/or poorly written content which is not relevant to its key audience.
  5. Your website has a redirect loop.
  6. Your website may have plugins that don’t let the Google crawler index it.
  7. The meta tags of your site are set to no-indexed and no-follow.
  8. You don’t implement a sitemap, which is an essential tool to index all your web pages.
  9. And more.

How to be indexed in Google search

Google provides several options for indexed pages to be easily discovered by the search engine. Here are some of the important techniques to be aware of.


A sitemap is a special file that stores all the data about the pages and various files of your website. Using a sitemap is the most common method to let Google know when one or more pages on your site have been updated or new content added, which improves the website’s crawl rate. 

Submit website pages for Google indexing

You can submit your website to Google for indexing, ensuring all published content is searchable in the specified timeframe. All you need to do is enter your Google account, go to the tab “Submit URL”, and insert the URL of the website you want to have crawled and indexed.

External content

To ensure your website is Google indexed, it’s a good idea to add external links to your web pages. It can be any type of content (video, blog posts, etc.) complying with the following criteria:

  • relevance;
  • high quality;
  • reliability of the provider whose resources you link.

Internal links

Internal links help Google crawlers locate the pages on your website and make it easier for them to index those pages accurately. This, in turn, can lead Google to better recognize which keywords are related to your page content, thereby increasing its visibility and rankings when users search for topics relevant to your page.  

Social media

Social media can be an efficient tool when striving to have your page successfully indexed by Google. By creating a presence on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook, you are providing Google with a direct link to your website. Additionally, having an engaged audience across multiple social media accounts increases the chance of being indexed by search engine crawlers, as posts appearing on frequent timelines increase visibility. 

Technical issues

Poor website accessibility, invalid HTML coding, and slow page loading times are some common technical problems that can prevent your pages from being indexed by Google. Improving the technical side of your website and conducting Google index checking regularly will help you avoid extended periods of indexed exclusion from Google search results.


How can I check my Google index?

You can conduct an index check using Google index checker tools such as Rush Analytics. We will provide you with an efficient, fast, and consistent solution that will help you check up to 100,000 pages in a matter of 10 minutes. 

How do you check if Google has indexed a page?

All you need to do is open a Google index checker, for example, Rush Analytics, create a new task, select a search engine you are interested in, and add the URLs of the pages you want to check. As soon as everything is ready, the Google indexed pages checker will offer you a report where you will be able to see whether your pages were indexed by the search engine or not.

How do I check indexing status?

Checking the indexing status of a website is an essential part of keeping an SEO strategy up to date. There is a wide range of Google indexed pages checkers that can help you in this task, for example, Google Search Console or paid solutions. They provide helpful insights into how many of your pages have been indexed in the past week, at what rate any new pages are being indexed, and more.

What is a Google index score?

A Google index score is the way Google bot crawlers rank websites. The higher the score, the higher your page will be in the Google search results. However, to have your page ranked, first you need to make sure it’s indexed by Google. Otherwise, it will not appear in the search results at all.